Wednesday 23 August 2017

Carrageenan Factory in Indonesia with High Quality Product

Every manufacturer should be more informed about carrageenan factory in Indonesia as this factory has the best carrageenan product. The carrageenan itself is an item used in different kinds of product. So you might even need it in your own factory when you want to create some of the product you manufacture. If you have this item, then it will greatly help you creating it to be better in quality. Furthermore Indonesia country is known for their high quality carrageenan production, thus you might want to try to be in contact with them if you want to get your hands in one of their items.

Best production from carrageenan factory in Indonesia
You might not know that the carrageenan is a special item which able to thicken, stabilize and gel other things that mixed with this item. That is because this item has unique property that makes this item able to bind itself with the protein content inside the other things that mixed with this item. That is why; you might see many carrageenan factories in Indonesia clients are those from meat manufacturer or dairy manufacturer.
As you know the product which created by those two manufacturers have plenty of protein insides, thus the carrageenan will be able to bind easily with the product that they manufactured. Furthermore with the addition of carrageenan inside the product, then actually there is no need for too much protein inside the product itself since it will already be thicker because of the carrageenan ability which will thicken it. So when there is some carrageenan added into the product, then it can be made using fewer ingredients. However, the quality as well as the appearance of the end product will still be the same as it normally should with normal ingredient amount.
This is the reason why those manufacturers create their product with addition of item which created by carrageenan factory in Indonesia. With fewer ingredients that means they will be able to reduce the price of the product itself. Thus more people in different buying range will be able to purchase that product so their market range will get larger. This also means that they will be able to sell more products which eventually will give them more profits. So having a good quality carrageenan item to be used in your product manufacturing is essential thing to have.
But you may want to know how the carrageenan factory in Indonesia is able to create the item in high quality. As you know Indonesia has large sea region, this means that they are able to make red seaweed farm to be the place where the material used to create this product is developed. As the carrageenan is actually make from red seaweed, so the farm needs to be in large water area so they are able to create enough amount of red seaweed for the factory’s production process.
The red seaweed will be farm on strings made using nylon as the materials. Then those strings will be attached to sticks which made using bamboo as the materials. Those bamboo sticks will floats on the surface while the strings will be in 2 meters deep into the water. In a few months later, then the red seaweed is ready for harvest. It will also dry on the beach to remove the watery content so it will be send to the carrageenan factory in Indonesia location once it is dried.
The dried red seaweed is still being ground further so it can be sifted which will remove the sand from the beach. Then it will also be washed so no other materials attached on the red seaweed. When those processes are done, now it will be soaked using alkali liquid. Then the liquid along with the red seaweed will be heat up so the carrageenan will comes out from it. However there will also be some cellulose left behind from this process, which will be removed later using mechanical process. Lastly is the evaporation and grounding process to create the complete product.
By doing those processes the carrageenan factory in Indonesia is able to create the best quality product. That is why; you might want to order some of their product to be used in your own factory production.

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