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Mackerel Fish Supplier from Indonesia Seafood Products

Mackerel fish supplier from Indonesia sold wide variety of mackerel seafood products to various countries. Mackerel fish is one of the most important commercial fish worldwide that consumed by many people and made into certain dishes. Mackerel is an oily fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids and protein, this fish is good for diet as long as you know proper method to use and cook it. Mackerel can be eaten raw as traditional Japanese sushi or sashimi and also can be cooked with different methods including frying, baking, broiling, smoking, grilling, and many more.

Mackerel fish supplier from Indonesia with high quality products
If you want to supply your restaurant with high quality seafood products then you need to find mackerel fish supplier from Indonesia . We are all know that finding good supplier is quite challenging because not all suppliers can be trusted to supply you with high quality products. This is why you should consider many things before you want to order from any suppliers including from Indonesia. As for Indonesia itself, there are abundant with various species of mackerel such as horse mackerel.
Here are the things that you need to consider when looking for trusted mackerel fish supplier from Indonesia:
1.      Look for recommendation from families, friends, or business partners
It is better to find suppliers based on your close persons such as families, friends, or even business partners. From them you can ask about their experience when making a deal with Indonesian supplier. Alternatively, you can search freely on internet about list of mackerel fish supplier from Indonesia. Maybe you can found some index with the list of Indonesian vendors or companies that offers mackerel products. Read about their customer’s testimonies as well as their official site. Avoid buying from random suppliers if there is no data that can be offered by the vendors. Sometime it is require more time to search vendors on your own, but it is all worth it once you able to find a good supplier or exporters.
2.      Make sure that you can legally import mackerel products
Okay, since the government like to develop terms, conditions, or policies for export and import thing. You need to ensure that your country is allowed their people to order imported products legally. You need to ensure yourself that you have an access to buy mackerel fish from the best mackerel fish supplier from Indonesia. Sometime it will need some cost to get an access and thus you need to calculate whether the cost you spend is worth the products later.
3.      Buy bulk quantity to cover the cost that you already spend and to get the discount
When buying mackerel from large vendors, it is all about quantity. The greater the quantities of mackerel which you order, the cheaper the mackerel prices will be so if you want to require less expensive seafood product then you can buy bulk order. After that, ask the vendors to give you discount since you already bought certain quantities of mackerel fish.
4.      Do not forget to ask the terms and conditions for payment and shipping cost
Payment terms and conditions are important since you need to use payment method which not going to burden you as well as can benefit you. Maybe you can ask for down payment for first and pay again later after the mackerel has been delivered to your place. Shipping cost is also important to be asked to make sure that the suppliers do not charge too high shipping cost especially for overnight delivery. The cost will affect your profit after all.
Overall, mackerel fish supplier from Indonesia is always offer good quality of seafood products. They are processed with such high standard to result great mackerel fish in various styles from the raw fish to the canned fish. In the past few years, Indonesia seafood industry becomes larger with export production volume increased from year to year for certain seafood products. Along with mackerel, other products such as milk fish, tuna fish, sardine, shrimp, seaweed, tilapia, and many more are become important commercial aquaculture products. When we are talking about export import in fishing industry, then you can always trust Indonesian suppliers since they are the second largest fish producers in the world.

5 Guides to Find Mackerel Fish Supplier

Finding the right mackerel fish supplier is very crucial for the success of your restaurant business. With trusted suppliers that can stock you with high quality fish, it will also guarantee your restaurant food remains of the highest quality and will be loved by your customers. Of course they are wide range of suppliers from small, medium, big, local, national, and international. This is why you need to read our guides before so you are not making some mistakes when choosing the right fish supplier to supply mackerel products.

Mackerel fish supplier guides to choose the best one
Follow these simple 5 rules when you want to find a reputable mackerel fish supplier in your area or maybe if you want to import their products, such as:
1.      Ask for the product catalogue
When you open a restaurant that serve mackerel fish as well as maybe other species of fishes, you need to request for product catalogue so you can know what kind of products the supplier have throughout the year. It is an important way to know the range of products that available so you can tell whether they have mackerel species type which going to work well with your menu. What makes the menu looks delicious, unique, and can keep its best quality of course is the ingredient and if you use mackerel fish as part of your main ingredient then you need to ensure that the suppliers offer wide range of mackerel species which might be you need.
2.      Check the quality of their mackerel product
To check the quality of the mackerel fish, you may want to visit the supplier’s place. You can go to their facilities and then ask questions that you need the answers. Do not be afraid when ask the question to the mackerel fish supplier since the quality of product will determine the taste and appearance of your restaurant dishes. You can also get extra references from your local community of restaurant owners and chefs to find out which restaurant mackerel vendors who can supply best quality fish product.
3.      You need to make sure that the supplier is very dependable
In the restaurant industry, when it comes to find good vendor, you should make sure that they can be trusted, honest, and dependable. This is why you can ask them or find out when the suppliers deliver their products and there is some guarantee that the suppliers can send the ordered products in time or stick to the schedule. The supplier’s delivery time need to work well with your restaurant’s time or schedule.
4.      You should focus on communication
Vendors or suppliers that like to communicate with their customers frequently will make a huge different than those who are not. Mackerel fish supplier product who likes to build relationship with their customers can manage to tell you if something is wrong with the delivery, product, schedule, and such. This is of course important information that can affect your restaurant as well. They need to stay up-to-date with everything related to your products and thus you need to aware from the start the way they communicate with you before you decide to work with them.
5.      Stay informed about your mackerel fish supplier
One of the best ways to keep your relationship with your vendors or suppliers is by useful metric system. This is a tool that can provide you stay informed about your mackerel supplier with various date that easy and simple to read. The data includes purchase history, warranty, stocks or inventory, credit, payment status, and many more. With this kind of data, you can see that whether your relationship with the suppliers is stable and improve. It also will enhance your understanding with your suppliers as well.
Okay, that’s several guides you can follow when you want to choose mackerel fish supplier and then start your long relationship with them. With wide range of suppliers available worldwide, it seems very difficult to find a good supplier, however if you smart enough, you can always manage to find trusted vendors to supply you with various fish product. Find out other guides by stay tune on this site. Hope all the information above help you to manage a success of your restaurant.

4 Questions to Ask when Finding Mackerel Oil Supplier

Mackerel oil supplier likes to process fish waste parts into various fish oil products such as omega 3 supplements/ capsules. Fish oil that derived from mackerel fish is a good source for various nutrients, not only it provides important omega 3 fatty acids for our body, but as well as other nutrient content. Omega 3 oil itself which offer healthy DHA and EPA cannot be generated in human body; this is why we need to eat fish to get omega 3 intakes. Sadly, people eat less fish nowadays and alternatively, they consume omega 3 supplement capsules that sold globally. Now, finding suppliers which can stock you with plenty of fish oil is another thing that we need to discuss today.
How to find the best mackerel oil supplier in local area?
It is best to find mackerel oil supplier near your area so the distribution will be a lot easier and quicker. For example, if you live in USA thus US based exporter and importer of bulk fish oil will be the best option. Of course, it is hard to find a vendor that can be trusted to deliver high quality fish oil with high quality services. That’s why when you are in urgent to find good mackerel fish oil then you can start to find some answer for these several questions, such as:
1.      Where are the mackerel fish being sourced from?
So, when you want to order fish oil product, you must be want to make sure that the supplier being transparent as much as possible about where they sourced the mackerel fish from. If you want to get the best quality mackerel oil product, you need to find out where the vendors get the fish from and ensure that you are not choose a supplier that source the fish from farm fishing. Why? Because mackerel fish harvested from farm fish usually loaded with antibiotics, higher level of toxins, and growth hormones compared with wild mackerel caught from the ocean.
2.      Is the local mackerel oil supplier committed to give safe and high quality products?
Many suppliers like to get their source from the outside while done the refine process inside. There are lots of fish importers who claimed that their fish oil products are safe from heavy toxins and metals as well as PCBs which in fact it cannot be guaranteed. Oil suppliers or vendors often distill their products to remove the contaminants and toxins. However, it is not only about whether or not they are done it because it is a matter of whether they are really dedicated their work to ensure that the process is really effective. It is important to know how often the suppliers check their products to ensure their oil products are safe to be consumed and it is essential to know that whether the mackerel oil supplier serious to maintain production standards in their own facilities.
3.      How they handle packaging and shipping?
If your ordered product need to travel a respectable distance then how the supplier will package the oil products should concern you a lot. You should ask them how they manage or handle the packaging and shipping so they are sure that the products are protected perfectly from any damages that possible to happen during the distribution or delivery. You should ask them about the shipping condition as well that protect your ordered oil products.
4.      Is the best mackerel oil supplier accepts small and large quantities of order?
Many mackerel oil vendors or suppliers will not accept and ship your order if it cannot meet certain criteria such as minimum order. This will be an issue if your order quantities are varying from month to month. Of course you can always order more than you need so it can meet supplier minimum order term and condition. However, it is not ideal for mackerel fish oil product as averagely fish oil has limited shelf life. This is why you need to find suppliers that can accept your order whether in small or larger quantities.
With four questions above, hopefully you can manage to find the best mackerel oil supplier near your area. If you really need to import fish oil then make sure that you get reputable and trusted supplier.

Indonesian Mackerel Supplier Benefits and Reasons to Buy

Indonesia mackerel supplier can be found widely in this country as the second largest seafood exporters in the world. Mackerel from Indonesia is produced with International standards so they can meet requirements needed for a seafood product allowed to be exported globally. Such standard related to the food safety and sustainability, but the supplier also providing best packages, storage method, and delicious taste for their importers. If you want to know more about how to find Indonesian mackerel supplier and what about their qualities then read the information below.
Top Indonesian mackerel supplier
As the top mackerel supplier worldwide, Indonesia is always trying to seek more improvement with the way they produce mackerel fish. In the country itself, mackerel is one of the most important commercial fish that distributed locally and internationally. Mackerel can be served along with tomato sauce or hot sauce to make the flavor tastier and stronger. The production of mackerel fish is also focused on the modern technologies so they can be harvested with sustainable method, mackerel fish is important seafood products for Indonesian mackerel supplier after all.
Why you should buy mackerel product from Indonesia suppliers?
The first reason is because mackerel product from Indonesia is high in quality. Because mackerel is an important seafood product for the maritime country, the production of mackerel is somehow getting improvement from year to year. They sold not only fresh mackerel, but also frozen as well as canned mackerel which is favorable by many people.
Here are the reasons of why it is recommended to purchase mackerel from Indonesian supplier:
1.      All the mackerel products processed with highest standards
The mackerel fish when produced or processed are following International standards to ensure the food safety. These standards are conducted during production cycle to produce high quality mackerel which free from toxins, disease, or other harmful substances. Food safety is also leads to the hygiene and the suppliers make sure their mackerel fish product cleaned accurately and then processed with machines plus tools that always being cleaned before used to produce the mackerel. So, you do not have to be worried with the safety of mackerel fish sold by Indonesian mackerel supplier.
2.      Indonesian suppliers accept small and large orders
If you only require small amount of mackerel for your business then you can still order from Indonesian mackerel supplier exporters. Since there are many suppliers available, some of them range from small distributors to large manufacturers. If you want to order small amount of mackerel then you can get a distributor as your main supplier. For larger bulk order, you can depend on the manufacturers which usually accept large order from importers, in fact they can offer you cheaper price than you buying from distributors because they get the mackerel fish first hand.
3.      The price is always competitive
Of course, the first thing that you should consider when purchasing mackerel fish is about the cost and benefit. You want to have cheap mackerel Indonesian mackerel supplier then you can find some suppliers that offer you with affordable mackerel prices and if you are lucky, for specific amount of mackerel order, you will get discount. Fortunately, the mackerel price from Indonesia is always competitive so it is easy to find suppliers offering reasonable prices and if you want your business gain some profit then you can depend on Indonesian suppliers for this case.
4.      Various mackerel products are available for sale
You are not only be able to buy raw mackerel for processing, but you can also purchase wide variety of mackerel seafood products from the vendors such as steaks, fillets, fresh, frozen, smoked, and canned. The most popular products would be canned mackerel because it is the cheapest product of mackerel seafood. You can also check for the sustainability before buying if you care about environmentally friendly fishing method.
Those are the benefits and reasons of why you should buy from Indonesian mackerel supplier. If you want to import mackerel from Indonesia vendors, first you need to do some research in order to find trusted suppliers, affordable mackerel fish prices, shipping cost, the quality of the products, payment methods, and other terms and conditions needed so you can import mackerel export commodities legally. It needs some time to conduct such research but better you done that to get dependable suppliers from Indonesia.

4 Different Types of Supplier Mackerel Japan Fish

Supplier mackerel Japan is popular to supply fish ingredient for traditional sushi dishes. Aside tuna and salmon, mackerel fish is also picked as one of sushi restaurant menus. Although, most of people prefer skipping mackerel sushi in Japanese restaurant due to the strong flavor and the fishy taste which lingering for long on one’s palate or fingers. However, mackerel still very famous in Japan especially when served as sushi and it also packed with nutritional benefits including high level of omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), protein, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrate. In addition, mackerel offers variety of fish with different taste that you can try and today we love to share four different types of mackerel which most commonly served in Japanese sushi restaurants.
4 different types of supplier mackerel Japan fish
1.      Mackerel/ Saba
Mackerel fish or know as Saba has the longest history to be served in traditional/ edomae-style sushi. It is very delicious thanks to its strong and rich flavor the fish have. The preparation to use the mackerel is a long though because before the fish are used to sushi, they need to be cured for many hours with vinegar and salt in order to prevent or avoid the food poisoning. However, it also become important to show-off the skills belong to the sushi chef. To improve the aroma, many chefs also like to sear the fish as well. Moreover, if the sushi is being served as nigiri then the fish can be prepared as maki roll by wrapped the rice inside cured mackerel. Its best season is fall.
2.      Horse mackerel/ Aji
In Japan, Aji or horse mackerel considered in different family group (Mackerel belongs to Scombridae family while Horse Mackerel belongs to the family of Carangidae). This one type of supplier mackerel Japan fish has smaller size and lighter flavor compared with other mackerel. Just like Saba, Horse mackerel is also a great choice for traditional styled sushi/ edomae-sushi and usually being served with additional scallions plus reshly grated ginger. Horse mackerel best season is during summer.
3.      Spanish mackerel/ Sawara
With the big size, Sawara or Spanish mackerel become the largest fish out of four mackerel listed on here. This type of mackerel is very popular from spring to summer season and Sawara itself known well as spring’s fish. However, there is one type of Spanish mackerel that popularly caught during winter season called Kanzawara which is super tasty with more buttery taste and the color is whiter than the other types of mackerel.
4.      Mackerel pike/ Sanma
The last type of supplier mackerel Japan sushi is Sanma or Mackerel pike which known well as Pacific saury. This fish in fact belong to another family as well. It can be served as a whole grilled dish and very popular in fall season. It was not commonly used for sushi ingredient until recently. Moreover, mackerel spike can be prepared with many ways. There are some sushi chefs who like to sear it while other chefs prefer to offer it as pressed sushi which is appears more regional and traditional. In addition, Sanma can also being served as fermented sushi. The best season of Sanma or mackerel pike is from late summer to fall. The sushi need to be cured for hours with vinegar plus salt before being served at some Japanese restaurants.
It is not only Japanese people who love to taste different types of sushi. Now, we can grab sushi around the world even though not all the mackerel is imported from supplier mackerel Japan producer. Fresh and raw mackerel fish are available each year and it is very abundant in the ocean beside tuna and sardines. One fun fact that you might be thinking very nice is that while bonito and tuna do not have ‘mackerel’ in their names, however they also belong to the family of mackerel.
Eating sushi once for awhile with fish ingredients such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel can provide nutritious and delicious meals. You can also put the sushi as your healthy choice menu. Supplier mackerel Japan not only distributed the fish in fresh condition, but also in fillet, steak, frozen, and canned mackerel products because they are easier to be found and available in many grocery stores. Hope all the notes above help you to gain valuable information about mackerel and sushi.

Spanish Mackerel Supplier Fish Products

Spanish mackerel supplier offered the best canned mackerel product that rich not only in flavor but also in nutrition such as omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and protein. It is a healthy and delicious sea food with darker meat and one of the tastiest fish in the mackerel family. Fresh and raw or canned mackerel can be cooked easily with so many ways including grilled and baked as well as smoked, fried, steamed, and poached.

About Spanish mackerel supplier
Spanish mackerel supplier products offer many brands that you can choose and with many forms such as canned/ tin, fillets, fresh or raw, steak, and many more. Spanish mackerel is a small size oily fish with slim bullet-shaped body in silver and blue color along with olive or golden yellow oval spots. This fish can be caught off both Florida coasts and they are distinguished from King or Cero mackerel in lacking of scales on its pectoral fins plus in having the spots without stripes on sides. Spanish mackerel is a fish grouped in a large family that includes other mackerels as well as tuna.
They various sizes can be found, however most of the Spanish mackerel is the best swimmer with fast and powerful movements. Average size of this fish is from 2 to 3 pounds with 9 to 10 pounds are considered being large. They like to migrate in late summer and early fall by moving southward to spend winter season and in the early spring by swim along Florida's southern coast. In conclusion, Spanish mackerel supplier product that you most found have characteristic as follow:
-          Dark meat
-          Slim and lean body
-          Moderate texture
-          Full flavor
The substitute species are Swordfish, King Mackerel, and Mullet. In addition, when you confuse about how much to buy this fish, then you can follow this instruction:
-          Steaks or fillets about 1/4 to 1/3 pound per serving
-          Cleaned or dressed fish about 1/2 pounds per serving.
-          Drawn or whole fish about 3/4 to 1 pound per serving
Some notes when you want to buy Spanish Mackerel Supplier factory either fresh, steak/ fillet, and canned including how you should store and handling them:
·         When you decide to purchase fresh whole mackerel at fish market, you should consider these points to get the best one and in a high quality condition:
-          It does not have off smell, the fish should has an ocean smell with mild aroma
-          Check the fish, it should have shiny clean belly cavity without cuts or protruding bones
-          The surface appears shiny with firm adhering scales
-          Look at the gills and they should have pink or deep red color and free from off odor and slimy mucus.

·           When you decided to purchase mackerel in fillets, fresh steaks, or loins then the fish should have this points to ensure that they are in a good condition:

-          It does not have off smell, the fish should has an ocean smell with mild aroma
-          A translucent appearance.
-          No discoloration.
-          The flesh should look firm plus not separating.
-          The fish should be packaged perfectly to keep the mackerel from being bent in unnatural position.
As for the preparation of Spanish mackerel supplier fish product, you should keep cooked and raw fish in the separate place to prevent bacterial cross contamination. In addition, after you handle raw fish, do not forget to wash and clean the works surface and the tools with hot soapy water. Please take a note that you need to always marinate the fish by keeping it inside the refrigerator. Moreover, discard marinade since it possible containing bacterial.
As for rules when you want cooking fish, the meats are cook quickly and that’s why ensure you are not overcooking it. The fish looks done when you see the flesh turn into opaque and the meats flakes easily when you check it with the pressure of fork. If there is leftover fish, you can still use them for mackerel salad, soup, or sauces. Anyway, the general rule when cooking Spanish mackerel supplier is about ten minutes per thickness inch. Some cautions is to limit you consumption of mackerel fish because it contains methyl mercury, moderate serving are needed.

Know How to Prepare Supplier Mackerel Recipe

Supplier mackerel recipe canned product is easy to be cooked if you know how to prepare it. Mackerel itself is a oily fish with small size that rich in protein plus omega 3 fatty acids making it a popular choice for healthy diet menu. It is one of the best sea foods that you need to try and even Monterey Bay Aquarium's global Seafood Watch titled the fish as ‘best choice’ sea food for sustainability. Canned mackerel is very easy to find on the grocery store’s shelf-stable tins and you can cook them from fish cake to stew or soup and stir fry.

How to prepare supplier mackerel recipe step by step
There are endless ways to use supplier mackerel fish recipe canned product in cooking and you can learn how to prepare them here such as:
·         Preparing canned mackerel
Canned mackerel is in fact similar to canned sardines with the difference of the bones which tend to be bigger than sardines. That’s why before cooking the mackerel, you need to prepare them in the same way by open the can and then drain it off from the oil or water. After that, carefully remove the large bones as well as if there are any tough pieces of fins and skin. If you cannot remove all the bones, do not worry because the small ones are soft and can be eaten safely.
·         Stew or soup
You can use the fish for delicious supplier mackerel recipe such as stew or soup. Even usually, canned fish like mackerel often is used in Southeast Asian soup recipes with curry or lemongrass. Mackerel can be used in most of soup base and you can try simplest soup recipe by sautéing garlic and onion then use additional can tomatoes. Make a broth by adding some water and you can also add diced vegetable according to your taste. Put in the canned mackerel and simmer it, next you can give additional pepper, salt, or other spices as you desired.
·         Stir fry
Just like we already mentioned above, you can bring supplier mackerel recipe for your tasty stir fries. Not only it is delicious, but it also provides a fantastic protein intake when you eat them. To prepare it, first you need to sauté the vegetables with high in oil till tender then add garlic, soy sauce, ginger, and sesame oil while lower the heat. When you are done, remove from the heat and put on top of mackerel. You can enjoy the stir fry with either noodles or rice.
·         Croquettes or fish cakes
Mackerel can be used for croquettes or fish cakes as well, however since mackerel is an oily fish so it can make the meals look greasy and that’s why some people like to replace them with other fish. Optional baked recipe instead of the fried one can be your solution. For example, you can smash the mackerel then mix it with mashed potatoes, add diced vegetables, egg, and spices according to your taste. Make some patties and dredge them in bread crumbs. Do not fry the patties but baked them with non-stick spray and sheet till the color turn into golden brown.
That’s several easy and simple recipes using canned mackerel which you can try at home. You can also replace other meat in casserole with canned mackerel fish. How to do it? Just mix mackerel meat with herbs plus cream cheese to make cracker spread. Or you can simply mix the mackerel with whipping cream, creme fraiche, or other ingredients to make one tasty mackerel mousse or pate. Homemade pizza is worth to try as well or you can mix canned tuna with canned mackerel in the sandwich or salad.
Supplier mackerel recipe can give you a lot of health benefits because they are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. However always limit yourself when consume the fish because unlike other oily fishes such as tuna or sardines, mackerel contains higher level of mercury. For example, King Mackerel which is a large size of mackerel can bring an enormous high level of methyl mercury and thus you better pick smaller size of mackerel especially when you want to get fresh and raw mackerel fish. That’s it for today and hope you can finally enjoy your delicious cooking recipes.

Supplier Mackerel Nutrition for Health Benefits

Supplier mackerel nutrition content gives positive effect for body health. When you eating mackerel regularly with moderate amount then you can gain a lot of health benefits from it. With family name of Scombridae, mackerel is a name used for various species of fish. With different time of species, there are four popular types of mackerel fish which known so well: King mackerel, Spanish mackerel, Atlantic mackerel, and Cero mackerel. Mackerel is a small size of fish featuring slim shape and oily texture, plus numerous finlets. The oily meat found in mackerel is where the nutrition taken from and that is the omega 3 fatty acids.

List of health benefits derived from supplier mackerel nutrition
1.      Very good for blood pressure
Since mackerel is a fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids, with the right amount of consumption it can help to lower blood pressure as well as support blood circulation. They will allow the blood vessels to expand and more elastic.
2.      Heart disease
Due to its omega 3 fatty acids, mackerel is not only good to lower or prevent the risk of heart disease but also act as deterrent for dying from the heart disease. Some studies found out that supplier mackerel nutrition Indonesia rich in omega 3 is more effective to lower the risk of heart attacks than those prescribed drugs or supplement to lower the level of cholesterol.
3.      Triglycerides level
High level of triglycerides can lead to certain illness such as stroke and heart disease. Those who suffer from obesity and poorly managed diabetes have higher risk to get higher triglycerides level due to the excessive consumption of sugary foods, alcohol, poor diet, carbohydrate, as well as inactive lifestyle. Omega 3 fatty acids from the mackerel fish proven being an effective sea food to lower triglycerides level.
4.      Immune system
Supplier mackerel nutrition rich in omega 3 and high protein level is effective to enhance immune system. It can support body function thanks to its vitamins content as well.
5.      Weight loss
Combine your exercise plus diet in order to lose some weight with mackerel dish menu. Studies showed that regular body intake of fish oil can decrease body fats and blood sugar in overweight people.
6.      Cholesterol
Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) known well as bad cholesterol can be lowered by eating mackerel rich in oils. Eating mackerel will help to improve good cholesterol or high-density lipoproteins (HDL) so the ration of bad cholesterol to good cholesterol can be lowered.
7.      Cancer
Even eating mackerel regularly with the right amount can prevent dangerous disease like cancer by lower the amount of agents which can cause cancer especially in the colon, breast, and prostate areas.
8.      Mental health
Some mental health like Alzheimer, suicide tendencies, depression, and schizophrenia can be reduced according to some studies. Some research even showed an increase in the brain activity and improves memory.
9.      Arthritis
Several studies displayed that mackerel is a good supplement to reduce pain that indicate arthritis such as swollen and stiffness joints meaning that fish oils in mackerel can be used a great number of pain medication.
Besides those health benefits associated with supplier mackerel nutrition Jakarta, there are still a lot of advantages available such as improve to build muscle, support the health of teeth, bones and nerves, etc.
Tips when adding supplier mackerel nutrition in diet
-          When you buy fresh and raw mackerel, please check that the fish should not have strong odor.
-          Good condition of fresh mackerel fish can be seen from its texture and shape: moist skin, clear and bright eyes, and shiny scales.
-          When you look for mackerel steak or fillets, you need to find the one with most translucent and soft meat.
-          To enhance the flavor, you can marinate the mackerel with citrus based sauce or vinegar.
-          Mackerel can be cooked in so many ways including grilled, baked, or fried. You can try to fry the mackerel with butter for more delicious taste.
Supplier mackerel nutrition is indeed a good source for protein, omega 3, and vitamins but you should know that mackerel also containing dangerous mercury which needs to be avoided as much as possible. That’s why never consumed mackerel frequently each day without limitation especially for pregnant women and young children.

Better Buy Fresh or Frozen Fish from Mackerel Supplier?

Mackerel supplier can offer two types of mackerel fish: fresh and frozen. Of course there are still other products style including steaks, fillets, and canned, but if you open a restaurant business, then most of people choice will be fresh or frozen product. It seems difficult to pick between the two products because they are some considerations that need to be made when you decide whether you want to use fresh or frozen mackerel fish. That’s why today we like to help you decide which one is good for your restaurant. Read below for more information.

Choosing the best fresh or frozen fish from mackerel supplier
When choosing best fresh or frozen fish, you need to see whether there are local fishmongers or seafood markets or suppliers around you that can send such products. After you find reputable mackerel supplier then it is the time to decide which one you want to buy, fresh or frozen product?
Buy fresh or unfrozen mackerel fish
Purchase fresh mackerel from local seafood markets or fishmongers gaining more popularity nowadays. Of course, this option can be chosen if there are suppliers near your restaurant area. Before you decide to buy fresh seafood like mackerel fish, you need to read the pros and cons below:
-          The pros for buying fresh mackerel fish
·         It advertize to your restaurant costumers better than frozen mackerel
·         You do not need to thaw the fresh mackerel before cooking so the thawing process is eliminated
·         There is some opportunity to save your money by purchasing by-catch fish, unintentionally mackerel fish
·         You can tell your customers that your restaurant being devoted to the sustainability
-          The cons for buying fresh mackerel fish

·         Fresh mackerel fish purchased from local mackerel supplier need to be used quickly or at least within 2 days.
·         Fresh mackerel availability is seasonal, there is maybe one time that you cannot get fresh mackerel fish. Some factors such as shifting ocean temperatures, bad weather, and small catches can affect the supply of fresh mackerel as well.
·         You will need to spend much time to frequently visit local seafood markets just to find fresh fish every day.
·         You have some risk to purchase mackerel fish with non-sustainability fishing method.
·         If the fishes are caught a bit far away from the markets then it is possible for lack of refrigeration during distribution.
Buy frozen mackerel fish
To be honest, there is nothing wrong buying frozen mackerel since the fish can be just as fresh and flavor as mackerel seafood from local market. However, you need to do some research to ensure that you purchase high quality fish from reputable mackerel supplier. In fact, frozen fish is preferred for most of restaurants that located far away from the coasts. Before you decide to buy frozen seafood like mackerel fish, you need to read the pros and cons below:
-          The pros for buying frozen mackerel fish
·         Frozen mackerel can be thawed and prepared anytime.
·         The fish will not going bad too quickly and thus you can stock plenty of mackerel as much as you need.
·         You do not need to visit local markets frequently and even every day just to find mackerel fish.
·         With today’s technology, the mackerel can be frozen and preserved in its peak to serve best flavor.
·         Buying frozen mackerel fish from vendors can be less intimidating than visit local market to find fresh fish.
-          The cons for buying frozen mackerel fish
·         There is some risk of freezer burn.
·         Thawing process can take hours to be done if conducted properly.
·         The fish can spoil if it thaw during distribution and if the fish touch warm temperatures and not being frozen properly.
·         The frozen fish is not guaranteed local since they can be imported from various places and is not as marketable as fresh mackerel.
·         The mackerel fish can comes from other countries which do not follow standards required in your country.
So, after you read those pros and cons when buying fresh or frozen mackerel from best mackerel supplier, maybe you can already make your option which styles do you want to pick.

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