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About Canned Jack Mackerel Malaysia

Mackerel Malaysia like Pacific jack mackerel is popular to be exported worldwide and it can be found not only in Asia markets, but in US and Europe markets as well. Canned Jack mackerel can be considered as one of the best food stocks ever especially during emergency because you can just find then grab canned jack fish at grocery stores. Mackerel fish is rich in high quality of protein, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that are good for your nutrition body intake. Mackerel wild caught in deep water, they like to swim as large school in temperature or tropical water. They are very abundant and easy to be caught by marine fisheries and then produced by canned mackerel products factory.

The price of canned mackerel fish
The price of canned mackerel found in grocery stores at average are vary depending on the brands as well as where you purchase it. As the cheapest premium quality nutrition sea food that you can get, you can grab this canned fish for about $1.29 more or less at Wal-Mart for 15 ounces cans. For mackerel Malaysia brand, it depends on the brands and the countries as well.
Mackerel Malaysia fish content
Mackerel fish contain nutrition such as omega 3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate, calories, fats, oils, water, and salt or sodium. However, you also need to be concerned with the methyl mercury content which can be found in most of the ocean fishes, not to mention farmed fish usually have higher amount of mercury level than wild caught fish. But still, you need to pay attention about this when eating fish with no exception of Jack mackerel Malaysia. Even if the mackerel caught in cold and deep waters far from industrial areas still possible containing some amounts of mercury.
Occasionally, when you buy canned fish, you will see glass-like crystal in the can called struvite or magnesium ammonium phosphate. It is a natural mineral in the mackerel or most of canned fish which because of canning processing, the mineral sometimes crystallizes and then in the end dissolves in acidic environments such as human stomach. If you concerned about this crystal then you can check it by put some of the crystal in vinegar, if the crystal dissolves then you are fine. This crystal will dissolves as well when you cooking the fish.
Texture and taste of Jack Mackerel Malaysia
The texture and taste of canned Jack Mackerel Malaysia is indeed fishy and oily but not as much as canned salmon or tuna, let alone canned sardines. Well, if you like canned sardines then you probably won’t shock with the appearance of canned jack mackerel. One of the best things about canned mackerel is that they have edible bones with mildly gritty and firm texture and do not remove the bones if you want to get a maximum value of the nutrient.
Storages and recipe
Unopened canned mackerel can be stored for several years if you do not store them at high temperatures. The best storage place is probably in the unheated root cellar or basement. As for opened canned mackerel, it is better to just use them as soon as possible. If there is leftover, you can simply keep it inside refrigerator for no more than 4 days, however if you freeze the canned fish, it might be last longer than that.
Canned mackerel Malaysia Recipe
One simple mackerel recipe is mackerel patties, just need to find salmon patty recipe then replace it with canned mackerel, or you can try this delicious canned mackerel and it serves 4 to 8 people.
-          1 canned jack mackerel product/ mackerel Malaysia
-          1 onion
-          1 can diced tomatoes
-          Cooking oil
-          Black pepper for the taste
For the direction:
1.      Sauté the diced onion with cooking oil till translucent.
2.      Add the mackerel with all the juice and stir the fish.
3.      Add tomatoes and boil them, simmer to the desired consistency
You can enjoy the mackerel Malaysia product recipe with pasta, rice, or steamed potatoes. You can cook it to a thicker paste as well and then serve on crackers or toasts for delicious appetizer. Hope this mackerel Malaysia information giving you more information about Pacific jack mackerel fish.

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