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Mackerel Scomber Japonicus/ Pacific Chub Mackerel

Mackerel scomber japonicus or also known as Pacific Mackerel, Chub Mackerel, or Pacific Chub Mackerel is a mackerel fish that almost resemble Atlantic Mackerel. The fish has elongate body with round eyes and fatty eyelid covering nearly all of the eyes; it has larger eyes than Atlantic mackerel. Scomber Japonicus has separated dorsal fins with slender tail base and all the body part covered with small scales. Characteristic color is silver with blackish back and wavy lines but there are no visible spotted lines on the belly.

About mackerel Scomber Japonicus
Mackerel Scomber Japonicus like to swim around and migrate in large school just like Atlantic Mackerel. Pacific mackerel known to have smaller size than any other its relatives since the fish can grow up to only about 20 to 36 cm or 8 to 14 inches. Their feeding habits are also closer to the Atlantic Mackerel by eating similar species of Sagittae and Pelagic crustaceans. The mackerel fish can swim fast when bite fishing baits and they like to bite slight greedily just like Atlantic mackerel.
Where you can found mackerel scomber japonicus live? You most likely found in Indo-Pacific Ocean, but they are absent in the Indian Ocean except for South Africa and they are replaced by their closer relative which is Atlantic mackerel. Young mackerel can be found easily around sandy beaches while mature or adult mackerel like to go deeper. Pacific mackerel is not a predator type of fish so they depend on the camouflage skill to hide from larger predatory fish.
Even though they cannot spray some inks or change its colors just like any other sea species, but its dorsal pattern has similar light pattern that the water and sun like to emit when they work together. And when they feeling in danger, the mackerel fish will swim to the surface to camouflage themselves with the light pattern of water and sun and from above, it will be difficult to spot Pacific mackerel and thus they can hide from predatory birds. This is an important technique that the mackerel Pacific fish have to stay hidden from its predators such as sharks and birds especially tunas.
Fisheries and mackerel scomber japonicus product
Pacific mackerel harvested for certain utilities such as human seafood, pet food, served fresh, and fishing baits. Marine fisheries can catch tons of mackerel Japonicus, in 1978 for example, mackerel fish has been reached its catching peek and that’s why since that year, mackerel catching rate has decreased but fortunately continue picked back a bit in 1995. The ideal fishing method to harvest mackerel Pacific fish is with purse and seine. Meanwhile, by-catch method is considered to be non-sustainable because it uses large net to catch large school of fish causing other marine life to be caught as well.
As food, many experts recommend mackerel scomber japonicus as healthy dish because the fish high in omega 3 and lean protein. Mackerel also low in unsaturated fats, carbohydrates and calories. Because of the high omega 3 oil contents and protein plus energy, mackerel Pacific fish is recommended to pregnant women and growing children. The omega 3 fatty acids help to increase breast milk and its qualities, meanwhile DHA and EPA is good for body function and brain development especially on children since they can help brain to be focused more.
Pacific mackerel being caught and processed then sold as either raw or fresh. The fish also made into fillets and steaks. Fillets can be marinated with salt, pepper, oil, and lemon for few minutes before being cooked with wide variety of methods including grilling, frying, baking, broiling, steaming, smoking, and many more. Canned Pacific mackerel is another seafood product which is really popular and affordable. Canned mackerel usually sold as chunk, whole round, and flakes in oils, water, brine, and sauce or herbs. Canned mackerel is a cheap alternative for protein and omega 3 fatty acids source intake.
Frozen mackerel scomber japonicus is other seafood products sold in markets. Frozen process prevents the fish to spoil quickly and they can be served as fillets, steaks, or whole round fish. Frozen fish can be just as good as fresh mackerel since with today technology, the mackerel Pacific fish can be frozen right after caught.

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