Friday 1 September 2017

Smart Guides to Find Mackerel Suppliers from Norway

Mackerel suppliers from Norway offers best quality and healthy mackerel product. Mackerel is an oily fish packed with full of nutrition such as omega 3 fatty acids, protein, minerals, and vitamins. This is why mackerel provides a great deal for healthy body intake and recommended to be eaten at least 2 to 3 servings per week to support healthy heart. Below is information about mackerel Norway nutrition facts and what you need to do when you want to find Norway mackerel suppliers.
Nutrition facts of Norway supplier
Protein Norway mackerel is an excellence source to get lean protein and each serving can provide about 42 grams of this macronutrient. This protein is useful to build muscle, boosting your energy, and enhance your immune system. Besides protein, there are omega 3 fatty acids and this is the main reason of why you need eat mackerel fish. Human body cannot produce omega 3 oil and the best alternative to get omega 3 fatty acids intake which is good for both heart and brain is to eat seafood full of omega 3.
Eating one serving of mackerel fish can provide you about 15 percent of your daily calcium needs. Calcium is known to improve bone strength as well as give beneficial enhancement for muscles, nerves, and heart. And a serving of this fish can also provide 401 mg of potassium and this is good for digestion. Other vitamins and minerals offered by mackerel fish from Norway is iron, selenium, fats, vitamin B12, vitamin D, calories, and many more.
How to find mackerel suppliers from Norway?
Of course finding mackerel based on Norway will be difficult if you are not living there. Alternatively, you can buy mackerel via online shipping from Norwegian suppliers or simply find local suppliers who offer Norway mackerel fish. Which one of the two is you choice, there are several things you need to consider when finding good mackerel suppliers from Norway, such as:
-          If you look for fresh Norway mackerel fish, then you need to look the season first when the fish is in highest quality which is during September to November. Alternatively, you can purchase frozen mackerel which available every year.
-          Look for suppliers that accept both small and large quantity of order. There are maybe some suppliers that only will deliver you their mackerel fish product if you can bulk order their fish.
-          Ensure the chosen supplier can ship to you on time according to the schedule that you both agree. But the most important thing is to ask how they will handle the delivery to prevent any damage that might happen during the travelling.
-          Ask for some discounts especially if you want to order certain quantities of mackerel fish. Besides that, you also need to ask mackerel suppliers from Norway all these questions:
·         Shipping cost
·         Inventory/ stock
·         Sample
·         Payment method
·         Warranties
·         Terms and conditions
·         Returning item conditions, etc.
-          Ask how and where they catch the mackerel fish to ensure that they use sustainable fishing method. This is important especially if you want to sell the fish again to other customers. If your customers ask you the same question then you can answer them confidently that the fish harvested with sustainable method.

When you finally are able to get high quality suppliers from Norway, you can send them your requirement in the form of buyer’s quotes. The quote feature how much mackerel fish that you need and price expectation. After you sending your quotes to the potential suppliers then they will send you mackerel supplier’s quotes to inform you whether your requirement, terms, and condition are accepted and they are able to meet your demand.
You need to detail your requirement to the potential suppliers to prevent any misunderstanding and this is important to tell them what you really want and thus you can start to build trustworthy relationship with the suppliers.
Mackerel from Norway offer good texture and taste, this is why the mackerel famously eaten raw as part of Japanese sushi ingredient. Most of restaurants, however, usually order frozen mackerel fish because the fish will not spoil quickly whereas fresh mackerel needs to be eaten within 2 days. That’s why you can order frozen mackerel suppliers from Norway.

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