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Know How to Prepare Supplier Mackerel Recipe

Supplier mackerel recipe canned product is easy to be cooked if you know how to prepare it. Mackerel itself is a oily fish with small size that rich in protein plus omega 3 fatty acids making it a popular choice for healthy diet menu. It is one of the best sea foods that you need to try and even Monterey Bay Aquarium's global Seafood Watch titled the fish as ‘best choice’ sea food for sustainability. Canned mackerel is very easy to find on the grocery store’s shelf-stable tins and you can cook them from fish cake to stew or soup and stir fry.

How to prepare supplier mackerel recipe step by step
There are endless ways to use supplier mackerel fish recipe canned product in cooking and you can learn how to prepare them here such as:
·         Preparing canned mackerel
Canned mackerel is in fact similar to canned sardines with the difference of the bones which tend to be bigger than sardines. That’s why before cooking the mackerel, you need to prepare them in the same way by open the can and then drain it off from the oil or water. After that, carefully remove the large bones as well as if there are any tough pieces of fins and skin. If you cannot remove all the bones, do not worry because the small ones are soft and can be eaten safely.
·         Stew or soup
You can use the fish for delicious supplier mackerel recipe such as stew or soup. Even usually, canned fish like mackerel often is used in Southeast Asian soup recipes with curry or lemongrass. Mackerel can be used in most of soup base and you can try simplest soup recipe by sautéing garlic and onion then use additional can tomatoes. Make a broth by adding some water and you can also add diced vegetable according to your taste. Put in the canned mackerel and simmer it, next you can give additional pepper, salt, or other spices as you desired.
·         Stir fry
Just like we already mentioned above, you can bring supplier mackerel recipe for your tasty stir fries. Not only it is delicious, but it also provides a fantastic protein intake when you eat them. To prepare it, first you need to sauté the vegetables with high in oil till tender then add garlic, soy sauce, ginger, and sesame oil while lower the heat. When you are done, remove from the heat and put on top of mackerel. You can enjoy the stir fry with either noodles or rice.
·         Croquettes or fish cakes
Mackerel can be used for croquettes or fish cakes as well, however since mackerel is an oily fish so it can make the meals look greasy and that’s why some people like to replace them with other fish. Optional baked recipe instead of the fried one can be your solution. For example, you can smash the mackerel then mix it with mashed potatoes, add diced vegetables, egg, and spices according to your taste. Make some patties and dredge them in bread crumbs. Do not fry the patties but baked them with non-stick spray and sheet till the color turn into golden brown.
That’s several easy and simple recipes using canned mackerel which you can try at home. You can also replace other meat in casserole with canned mackerel fish. How to do it? Just mix mackerel meat with herbs plus cream cheese to make cracker spread. Or you can simply mix the mackerel with whipping cream, creme fraiche, or other ingredients to make one tasty mackerel mousse or pate. Homemade pizza is worth to try as well or you can mix canned tuna with canned mackerel in the sandwich or salad.
Supplier mackerel recipe can give you a lot of health benefits because they are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. However always limit yourself when consume the fish because unlike other oily fishes such as tuna or sardines, mackerel contains higher level of mercury. For example, King Mackerel which is a large size of mackerel can bring an enormous high level of methyl mercury and thus you better pick smaller size of mackerel especially when you want to get fresh and raw mackerel fish. That’s it for today and hope you can finally enjoy your delicious cooking recipes.

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