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Spanish Mackerel Supplier Fish Products

Spanish mackerel supplier offered the best canned mackerel product that rich not only in flavor but also in nutrition such as omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and protein. It is a healthy and delicious sea food with darker meat and one of the tastiest fish in the mackerel family. Fresh and raw or canned mackerel can be cooked easily with so many ways including grilled and baked as well as smoked, fried, steamed, and poached.

About Spanish mackerel supplier
Spanish mackerel supplier products offer many brands that you can choose and with many forms such as canned/ tin, fillets, fresh or raw, steak, and many more. Spanish mackerel is a small size oily fish with slim bullet-shaped body in silver and blue color along with olive or golden yellow oval spots. This fish can be caught off both Florida coasts and they are distinguished from King or Cero mackerel in lacking of scales on its pectoral fins plus in having the spots without stripes on sides. Spanish mackerel is a fish grouped in a large family that includes other mackerels as well as tuna.
They various sizes can be found, however most of the Spanish mackerel is the best swimmer with fast and powerful movements. Average size of this fish is from 2 to 3 pounds with 9 to 10 pounds are considered being large. They like to migrate in late summer and early fall by moving southward to spend winter season and in the early spring by swim along Florida's southern coast. In conclusion, Spanish mackerel supplier product that you most found have characteristic as follow:
-          Dark meat
-          Slim and lean body
-          Moderate texture
-          Full flavor
The substitute species are Swordfish, King Mackerel, and Mullet. In addition, when you confuse about how much to buy this fish, then you can follow this instruction:
-          Steaks or fillets about 1/4 to 1/3 pound per serving
-          Cleaned or dressed fish about 1/2 pounds per serving.
-          Drawn or whole fish about 3/4 to 1 pound per serving
Some notes when you want to buy Spanish Mackerel Supplier factory either fresh, steak/ fillet, and canned including how you should store and handling them:
·         When you decide to purchase fresh whole mackerel at fish market, you should consider these points to get the best one and in a high quality condition:
-          It does not have off smell, the fish should has an ocean smell with mild aroma
-          Check the fish, it should have shiny clean belly cavity without cuts or protruding bones
-          The surface appears shiny with firm adhering scales
-          Look at the gills and they should have pink or deep red color and free from off odor and slimy mucus.

·           When you decided to purchase mackerel in fillets, fresh steaks, or loins then the fish should have this points to ensure that they are in a good condition:

-          It does not have off smell, the fish should has an ocean smell with mild aroma
-          A translucent appearance.
-          No discoloration.
-          The flesh should look firm plus not separating.
-          The fish should be packaged perfectly to keep the mackerel from being bent in unnatural position.
As for the preparation of Spanish mackerel supplier fish product, you should keep cooked and raw fish in the separate place to prevent bacterial cross contamination. In addition, after you handle raw fish, do not forget to wash and clean the works surface and the tools with hot soapy water. Please take a note that you need to always marinate the fish by keeping it inside the refrigerator. Moreover, discard marinade since it possible containing bacterial.
As for rules when you want cooking fish, the meats are cook quickly and that’s why ensure you are not overcooking it. The fish looks done when you see the flesh turn into opaque and the meats flakes easily when you check it with the pressure of fork. If there is leftover fish, you can still use them for mackerel salad, soup, or sauces. Anyway, the general rule when cooking Spanish mackerel supplier is about ten minutes per thickness inch. Some cautions is to limit you consumption of mackerel fish because it contains methyl mercury, moderate serving are needed.

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